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Tips to win on Saint Patrick’s Day on Retail

Tips to win on Saint Patrick’s Day on Retail

Posted by Maria Diaz on Mar 5, 2018 5:50:13 PM

Saint Patrick’s Day is only around the corner and with it comes a great opportunity for retailers to boost their sales, especially after some stores having to close their doors last week due to the snow! At CPM we have gathered 5 tips to help you make the most of this holiday and increase your sales:


st-patricks-day-850x476-1.jpg1.- Dress your store

There is nothing like a well decorated store to help your customers get into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit!  Festive decorations not only will make your store stand out but they can also be used to highlight a particular shelf or FSDU in your shop. Always keep your customers in mind when planning your decorations; the idea is that they facilitate the overall shopping experience and don’t get in the way of your customers.


2.- Spice up your sales with an in-store promotion

A great way to boost sales during Saint Patrick’s is to combine your store decorations with an in-store promotion. As a retailer, you may already know the power of discounting products to increase demand. Use this festivity to promote a bundle, markdown your prices or run a raffle for your customers. All these promotions are a great way to generate a higher perceived value for a lower cost which many shoppers can’t say NO to.


3.- Leverage your point-of-purchase displays

As 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, retailers and brands alike should always look at ways to drive impulse purchases. Saint Patrick’s Day is a great time to review your store and think about what you could do around your checkout area to get consumers to buy more. If you are planning to run a promotion in-store, it’s advisable to display your discounted merchandise at the till area. While shoppers are queuing, it may trigger the shoppers impulses and in turn adding unplanned purchases to their trolleys.


4.- Boost your Irish merchandise

4388263775_af028d14b7.jpgLast year, retail saw key plans to drive sales of Irish products close to the festivity. Bord Bia put in place over 65 marketing activities aimed at consumers, retailers, trade and foodservice operators to showcase Irish food and drink to a global audience. As the concept of buying local is top of mind in today’s shopper, it’s a great idea to follow Bord Bia’s example and promote your Irish merchandise during Saint Patrick’s week. Create an eye-catching POS to display all your local products or have an “Irish corner” inside your store. Use the power of displays to leverage this concept and promote buying Irish during the festivity.


5.- Gifts ready to go

Last year, 43% of consumers planned to buy more food and drinks in advance of Saint Patrick’s Day. This figure was higher among those without children (47% versus 40% with children), suggesting that parents with children were more likely to celebrate St Patrick’s Day outside of their homes, while those with no children were more likely to have guests over to celebrate.


Think ahead about those customers that will leave their shopping to the last minute and offer some gift/food options that are ready to go, when they are short on time. Prepare options for those 2 niches: those who will celebrate St Patrick’s outside their home and those who will be enjoying the Parade from the comfort of their sofa.


At CPM we know that effective merchandising and retail displays are key to driving sales and gaining a genuine in-store competitive advantage, especially during festive periods. With over 30 years in Ireland, we have constantly learnt and reapplied our knowledge and experience to point of sale (POS), promotional management, new product launches and of course, visual merchandising. If you’d like to know more about how to drive sales in retail in the run up to Saint Patrick’s Day, contact CPM at

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