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In-store virtual shopping brings Omnichannel to the next level

In-store virtual shopping brings Omnichannel to the next level

Posted by Maria Diaz on Mar 6, 2017 4:19:05 PM


Can you imagine having the same in-store experience when shopping online?

As consumers, led by millennials, are increasingly demanding a two-way experience as part of their buying process, some retailers have introduced a new concept that might be the trend for the future: virtual shopping.

Virtual shopping offers an interactive sales experience, where shoppers can navigate the layout of a retail store from a mobile device or a PC. The experience is designed to make consumers think they are actually shopping in-store.

In order to mimic the shopping experience in-store, retailers use high definition panoramic imagery or 3D images on their page that allows a 360° view of the shop. Customers can also take a snapshot of the product they want to purchase and connect with in-store assistants for detailed advice. Typically the transaction and delivery arrangement with the store will use the existing e-commerce channels, including click and collect.

Watch the following video to find out more about this new Omnichannel approach:

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