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Maximize your online intelligence with detail

Maximize your online intelligence with detail

Posted by Maria Diaz on Feb 8, 2016 6:12:26 PM

CPM proudly presents detail, a revolutionary new way to help brands and businesses with merchandising online. It ensures your availability at your retailer sites and maximizes your online intelligence and your ability to be sold online, 24/7

At CPM we strive to develop new ways to support our clients in growing their business and increase sales. In 2016, one channel that companies must pay attention to is e-commerce: the fastest growing retail market in Europe*. According to the Consumer Spending Index from Visa Europe, Irish consumer spending in the last three months of 2015 climbed by more than 7% compared with the same period in 2014; while online spending recorded a 16% increase. 

  In today’s every increasing competitive market, it’s crucial for companies and their brands to guarantee systematic availability at retailer sites, while in tandem achieving  ultimate consistency & visibility in every online exposure. For that reason, CPM is delighted to announce the launch of “detail”, the best merchandising online solution in the market. Keep reading our press release and find out more about this great solution that will help businesses to increase on-line sales.

 Lorraine Butler, Managing Director, CPM Ireland


Detail-facebook-animFor the past 15 years, e-commerce has grown from a fresh idea into a booming billion-euro business. This digital shift, where opportunities as well as disturbances multiply in a split second, creates a whole new ballpark for brands and businesses looking to promote their goods online.

Whilst retail merchandising in physical stores is an important and carefully executed scheme, merchandising online is still a guessing game. Most brands and businesses have no idea if their products are visible and buyable online or if their products are in the best position to be sold.

In order to help with this, we have launched detail, as probably the best merchandising online solution in the market, providing the following benefits:


  • It ensures that you are visible online where you should be.
  • It ensures that your products are always available to buy where they are listed online.
  • It provides you with real-time price intelligence for your products across all listed sites.
  • It monitors your competition and their activities online.
  • It monitors your share of shelf online, and how your SKUs rank at each retailer.
  • It helps you to be compliant in your online exposure at your retailer sites.


For further information, contact CPM at and +353 1 7080300, or visit


* Centre for Retail Research. 2014.

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