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5 things to keep in mind when managing a company’s Twitter account

5 things to keep in mind when managing a company’s Twitter account

Posted by Gillian Farrell on Jul 7, 2014 5:08:20 PM

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5 things to keep in mind when managing a company’s Twitter account

By Zoe Koumbouzi CPM Barcelona

There's no stopping it now, social media channels are quintessential for every company if they are to maximise customer engagement and satisfaction. As CPM will be handling more and more of these accounts, how do you keep your head when it's all going off in the Twitter-sphere?

  1. Remember: you are acting as the client. Sounds obvious, but it is easy to get carried away and act as if you are on your own personal account. So the first rule is to remember to keep your professional “head” on, and be the brand you are representing.
  2. Be speedy. Users of social media live in a fast paced world, where things move incredibly quickly, and they expect a prompt response. Try to keep response time down to a minimum, and always within the SLA you agreed on with the client.
  3. First time problem solving. Aim to solve the problem you are dealing with from the get go. Customers never like to be sent from pillar to post, and they will be more vocal about it here than anywhere else.
  4. Public or private? Even if there is no negativity, it is not always appropriate to play twitter-tennis on your open feed with a customer. Unless the information is genuinely useful to the wider public, politely take it to the Direct Message box.
  5. Make common sense your new BFF.  If you have a gut feeling that what you are about to post may not be suitable, listen to it. Try to keep to the rule that if you wouldn't want it pasted on a billboard, you shouldn't post it on social media.

Relevant, fast paced, innovative and fun, social media is an ever growing entity: have you got your social media house in order?

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