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Top 5 tips for Smarter Selling in a B2B market for 2015!

Top 5 tips for Smarter Selling in a B2B market for 2015!

Posted by Maria Diaz on Jan 5, 2015 5:03:21 PM

CPM would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year!

We’ve been offline for a couple of weeks enjoying the Christmas break and now we’re back, and ready to deliver some great blog posts to help you exceed in sales in 2015, starting with:


Top 5 tips for Smarter Selling in a B2B market for 2015!

  1. Prospect-SegmentationSEGMENT YOUR PROSPECTS

Segment your database based on: Company Size, Industries, who of your competitors they currently work with, size of the potential opportunity, as well as territories.



Look at the industries/ companies that are performing well and make sure they are top of your prospect list.


  1. 3-tips-developing-great-prospect-listKNOW YOUR PROSPECTS BUSINESS

Research those industries and use this business acumen to help deliver your sales pitch in a meaningful way that relates to the prospects business.




1078648_origDon’t waste time talking to the wrong people, ensure you have the right contacts by investing in good quality leads via a database provider e.g., or if you are short on budget most contacts can be found through LinkedIn and other social network platforms. Also look at who they are currently connected with via social media and if there is anyone who can introduce you.



Once you’ve got your database in order and you’ve started setting appointments, ensure that you use your time wisely  - journey plan your sales calls efficiently and effectively based on location, also consider alternative options to face to face if that suits you and/or your client e.g. webinar.

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