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How to hit your sales numbers in the last quarter?

How to hit your sales numbers in the last quarter?

Posted by Maria Diaz on Nov 4, 2016 5:02:33 PM

With only 57 days left to year-end, there is no time to waste to get your Q4 plans firmly in place so you can exceed your goals. Finishing strong is a quality that great salespeople have, as they know what strings to pull to hit their targets.

So if you need to get some assistance to hit your targets in Q4, we recommend you to keep reading this post where you will discover 4 tips that will ensure you a strong year-end.


1. Know your numbers

last quarter salesThis tip may seem obvious to some, but many salespeople don’t have clear sales targets or ratios. Sales targets help sales professionals to remain empowered and focused throughout the sales quarter. For that reason, sales managers should share with their teams the right targets to be achieved, while sales professionals should also know their own ratios. It’s advisable that sales reps keep a track of the number of prospects, the number of inquiries received and phone calls made, the number of sales and their conversion rate. By knowing these numbers, sales professionals can determine how much time they’ll need to invest in order to hit their numbers -and adjust their plans if necessary- at the same time they are also gaining clear insights into what they're doing well and what needs to be improved.


2. Be Direct

last quarter salesAt this time of the year, it’s advisable to use a direct tactic when communicating with clients or prospects. As deadlines are forthcoming, salespeople should use a direct approach with each customer and try to close the deal as quickly as possible. A good way to achieve it is to ask closed questions instead of open-ended questions or, the deal is going to be closed immediately, offer special features of your service/product.


3. Focus on your “Hot Sales Opportunities”

last quarter salesAs the year-end gets closer, it is wise to concentrate your efforts on the opportunities that can be closed within the time frame left.  For the moment forget about those big opportunities that you have invested months working on but for some reason never seem to turn the corner. Instead, focus on closing what’s within reach. A recommendation is to grade each opportunity of your pipeline from 1 to 4 (4 being the most likely to close by the end of the period) and then focus your efforts on the prospects rated with 3 and 4.


4. Use your network

last quarter salesThere are various sales strategies to get new customers, but none of them is as effective and productive as referral selling. This technique helps to acquire new clients based on an important asset: current and past customers. Create a notable offer for your existing customers with an added incentive when they bring a friend along. As the friend will already be most inclined to like your business, you have a great opportunity to establish a new customer relationship.




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