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How to recover from a bad sales call?

How to recover from a bad sales call?

Posted by Maria Diaz on Aug 10, 2015 3:01:52 PM

"Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats." 

- Og Mandino


Every sales call is different: there are those extremely good, where it’s easy to agree the sale; those that can be more challenging and demand more effort to close the deal; and those that seem a total failure and can agitate your neutral state of mind.


A bad sales call can ruin your day if you don’t handle it the right way. But if you do, not only you'd be able to recover from it; you will also become a stronger and better salesperson. Here are a few simple steps to help you to recover from a bad sales call:

1.- Recover your mood

After a bad sales call, you need a short break to charge yourself with good energy and return to a neutral state. And you wonMS-and-mood-swings-RM-722x406’t be able to do so, if you stay in the desk torturing yourself with what happened in your last call. Our advice: go for a walk or get a coffee.

When you come back to your desk, focus on regain that positive mental state that makes you win your sales calls. Try listening to your favourite tune, read inspirational quotes, read some jokes, watch a funny video on YouTube or whatever you think that could help…  the idea is to separate yourself from any lingering emotions from your bad sales call into the next one.


2.- Start fresh with your next call

freshstartFace your next call with a positive mind-set: visualize your next call with the outcome you expect. Don’t let room in your head for pessimism. Remember that every new call means a new opportunity. The result of one sales call doesn’t define if the following call will be successful or not. And most important: never lose confidence in yourself or your product/service.


3.- Learn from your experiences

ccf6a290-da1e-4648-bd13-80c9ba54794eOnce you have recovered your mood and have a good perspective of what happened, analyse your sales call and identify where you think the problems were, also evaluate if your approach was the correct one.


Direct your thoughts and feelings into a positive and productive direction, and find how you can turn that bad sales call into growth opportunities. You can start by asking yourself: How can I deal better with tough leads?/ What could I have said better? / How could I've managed the situation differently?


Next time you deal with a bad sales call; don’t let it drag you down. Do the opposite: turn it into an opportunity to become a better professional.



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