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Why oustource your Field Marketing Activities?

Why oustource your Field Marketing Activities?

Posted by Maria Diaz on Jun 22, 2015 5:35:39 PM

What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing broadly covers any activity that influences the sale of a product or the physical impact of a brand at the point of purchase.

The activities address the key drivers of sales such as stock availability, space, display of product, promotion implementation, point of sale placement and new product launches. Field marketing delivers results and ensures brand development in terms of accountability, visibility, availability and sales.

Field Marketing is the definition of face-to-face contact – it really is the ultimate in direct marketing.

In-House V’s Outsourcing Field Marketing Activities

The Main Reasons why companies consider outsourcing Field Marketing Activities:

  • A need to focus on core business
  • Leaving the field marketing activities to the experts
  • Quick to market solutions
  • Cost & Overhead control
  • Seasonal or Temporary requirements for staff
  • Consistency of performance

Key factors to bear in mind when considering investing in Field Marketing Activities:

  • Is the field team flexible in terms of hours worked, seasonality, promotional cycles etc?
  • Could this be a more cost effective way of reaching the customer as the majority of shoppers will make their decision to buy at the point of sale, and if your brand is not on the shelf, more and more customers will buy a different brand?
  • Are your current field activities effective? Many companies find that when it comes to their field marketing activities they are in reactive mode with changes only being made once problems arise. If issues of sales effectiveness are only recognised when questioned, what happens if the questions are never asked? Do most marketers even realise what they’re missing out on? Many ongoing and recent market trends endorse the need for marketers to focus on field marketing’s ability to maximise brand pressure and presence via field activity.
  • Do you know if central negotiations for your brand are being implemented at store level?
  • Are your distributors fully versed in the benefits of your products?
  • Do they clearly communicate brand values and benefits to end users?
  • Is your latest media investment carried through to the point of purchase? With the growth of specialist outlets in some markets, coupled with the diversification of mass market players into niche sectors (IT, pharmacy):
  • Do you have the flexibility and resources to manage the depth and breadth of your presence across a range of product sectors?

If the answer is no for any of the questions above then you may need to consider investing in field marketing and potentially outsourcing it to a Field Marketing Expert.

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