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Main takeaways from The Sales Leaders’ Summit 2017

Main takeaways from The Sales Leaders’ Summit 2017

Posted by Maria Diaz on May 29, 2017 5:32:25 PM

“Leading in an age of Uncertainty” was the topic that gathered 10 speakers at the Sales Leaders’ Summit 2017, which took place on May 12th at The Intercontinental Hotel.


CPM was delighted to be the main sponsor of such an insightful event where more than 350 leading Sales Directors from Ireland's most progressive companies had the opportunity to meet, network, and learn.

At CPM we have gathered some of the main highlights of the day:

  • In a very amusing presentation, David Meade, Mentalist and BBC TV Personality shared a few interesting tips that you can put into practice when doing a pitch:
    • When pitching for a new business idea, introduce your preferred option in the middle.
    • Talk about your weaknesses at an early stage during a presentation in the interest of transparency.
    • When trying to persuade your audience about why they should pick your idea, highlight the loss/danger of not choosing you. This will have more impact than if you emphasize the pros of picking your idea/service.
  • Richard Hilton, MD Miller Heiman EMEA, shared with the audience the key insights to driving sales and service performance. He highlighted at his presentation that companies are looking for value creation at the front of the sales process. Here are some ideas on how to drive sales performance:

Sales Leaders’ Summit


  • Vicky Godolphin, Head of Digital at Accenture, spoke about Digital Transformation and the future of B2B selling. In her presentation, she discussed the importance of leveraging digital and engaging with the buyer at an early stage in their purchase journey. The digital disruption era has come to stay, especially in Ireland where 94% of consumers have made an online purchase in the last year. She also explained that consumers are looking for a more personalised and immersive experience, while maintaining the human touch. For that reason, companies are investing more than ever in big data to drive personalised experiences for today's consumer. She also emphasised the importance of leveraging the partnership of employees & consumer to create brand love.
  • The Millennial Corps from IBM discussed which are the key motivators of this generation at the workplace and shared ways to embrace and create an environment where top talent can flourish across all age groups. They explained that Millennials are motivated differently from previous generations. Freedom to innovate, career progression and inspirational leadership are amongst the values that they appreciate more at work.
  • Eoin Kellet, MD from Mondelez Ireland, discussed about how to lead an FMCG organisation in an age of uncertainty. Eoin mentioned the reasons behind their decision to outsource their sales function and how this move has resulted in more flexibility and better in-store performance. Also, an insight based selling approach has allowed Mondelez to categorise their stores based on performance and hence develop a more dynamic call-file. Eoin also emphasised the importance of having great in-store relations and work along with retailers to help them grow their categories.
  • Kelvin Gillen, Director of Bank of Ireland, talked over how BOI are using technology, data & analytics to create a better experience. Surprisingly 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. In this era of data explosion, it’s important to understand how to translate data & analytics in a value proposition for customers in order to offer a competitive advantage. According to Kelvin, today’s challenge is not only to find the right data but how refine it to get more sales.
  • Last but not least, Dave Alred, World’s No 1 Elite Sports Performance Coach discussed about the importance of coaching to achieve peak performance. When looking to boost individual & team performance, Dave recommended that mentors should focus on the process rather than on the outcome. This will minimize the fear of failure and the uncertainty that the mentee could experience. Another tip from Dave was to use a positive language when coaching someone and always explain why and how the behaviour or action was positive. This will provide a “recipe” for success, which can be repeated when a similar scenario presents.


At CPM we would like to thank all the speakers for such an insightful event. If you would like to receive more information on how CPM “Lead in an Age of Uncertainty” please contact us on 01 7080300, email or visit

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