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The world is changing and with CPM GO we are able to serve our clients in the best way possible

The world is changing and with CPM GO we are able to serve our clients in the best way possible

Posted by Maria Diaz on Nov 3, 2016 10:43:17 AM

Our latest CPM Expert Speak  comes from Bastiaan van Houten, MD from CPM Netherlands. Bastiaan started in 2001 his career in CPM, with a field job at Diageo and in less than 3 years he moved into CPM’s Dutch head office for a role in direct sales. After various roles and positions, Bastiaan started Cosine Benelux in 2011 and merged this business in 2015 with CPM Netherlands.


Changing world

logo-largeThe number of smartphone owners is growing non-stop. At least 80% of the Dutch population owns a Smartphone; more than half of the population have at least one household tablet and just over 40% own a laptop also.  And let us not forget about the 34% of Dutch citizens with a Smart TV; with an ever growing market share in the Dutch marketplace. If we look at the number of downloaded apps on a smartphone, this averages at just over 20 apps. All these figures lead to one thing: accessibility. People want to have access to everything, and this access must be easy. The same goes for our clients; they want access to all data and they want it now. And here, we see an opportunity for our newest app, CPM GO. With this app, we are able to serve our clients with a straightforward, efficient and low cost delivery model and most importantly; with the best ROI possible.

How it’s done

We have decided to collaborate with a crowdsource solution which enables us to gain insights from a large group of experienced app users.  In addition to offering an affordable solution, it also provides speed and flexibility.  Whilst this may not be the first crowdsource model on the market; CPM’s competitive advantage lies in the ability to offer a solution in the quickest way possible and which is only executed by our in-house, expertly trained CPM staff. We use “fire fighters” for controlling situations that need to be controlled.

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