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CPM Expert Speak: Sales in the digital world

CPM Expert Speak: Sales in the digital world

Posted by Maria Diaz on Dec 4, 2015 5:29:25 PM

This month’s CPM Expert Speak comes from Joeri Perneel, Managing Director of Krea Sales – CPM Belgium. In this interesting read, Perneel explains why Field Sales efforts are still at the front of businesses as the No 1 strategy to grow sales. He also explains how -in recent years- we have seen a switch in the sales strategy from “push" to “pull” method.

Sales in the digital world: a clear choice to partner with our clients

art of sellingInternet has fundamentally changed the use of time and space. Quicker access to more consumers and excess supply of information that is accessible to nearly everyone, have thoroughly changed the context in which the business sector operates. While organizations could previously expand their market position over time, they now have to operate in a context in which complexity and changes occur at constantly increasing rates and are becoming the norm.


Death of a Salesman?

Competition comes from everywhere. Every day new apps are launched that can threaten every business. After all the cost-cutting efforts by companies in the last seven years in order to respond to the economic and financial crisis of 2008 and 2009; it is now time again to put the focus on growth. And therefore there is only one way: good sales. With all the attention going to disruption and social media, it is easily forgotten that even in the digital world, it is simply not possible not to sell. On the contrary, despite the popular saying that Sales is Dead, referring to the popular play “Death of a Salesman”, sales continues to be of fundamental importance in every business. In fact, no one ever succeeded to implement a strategy without good selling.  And whatever the perception on this may be, companies are still very conscious about this.


Field sales efforts stay at the forefront

Hearsay-1000-300x300In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, Frank Cespedes, the author of the bestseller “Aligning strategy and sales” wrote that the amount spent annually by U.S. companies on field sales efforts is 3X their spending on all consumer advertising, more than 20X the spend on all online media, and more than 100X what they currently spend on social media. Selling remains the most expensive part of strategy implementation for most firms. Simply because it is also the most efficient way to reach the goals that they aim for. Sales force teams have NOT been replaced by social media or other internet tools. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people in sales roles in 2012 was virtually the same as in 1992—before the rise of the internet. And this almost certainly understates the real numbers because, in an increasingly service economy, business developers in many firms are called Associates or Vice Presidents or Managing Directors, and are no longer placed in a “Sales” job category for reporting purposes...

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