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An interview with the winning team of the Checkout Awards

An interview with the winning team of the Checkout Awards

Posted by Maria Diaz on Nov 21, 2014 2:54:53 PM

On Friday 7th of November 2014, we at CPM were basking in the glory of winning “Best Merchandising and In-Store Support”, at the Checkout FMCG Awards 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in FMCG industry.

This week would love to share with our readers some insights as to why we were chosen as the Winner for this accolade. So we’ve decided to interview a couple of members of the team, Paul Purcell (National Sales Manager CPM Britvic Account) & Shane Dennehy (Retail Operations Merchandising Supervisor) to get a true insight in to what they believe is the winning formula for Merchandising and In-Store Support.


1.- In your opinion, why the CPM and Britvic team won the award?

Can Do Attitude

Paul: “The Team won the award through their can do attitude and hard work done in the field, a really strong competitive mentality and always going the extra mile for the customers”.

Shane: “For their Trojan efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty in store, the energy and work ethic they consistently produce on a daily basis balanced with their customer satisfaction these are the reasons we won this award”


2.-  Which are the main skills that helped the CPM team to win the recognition?

Required skill set

Paul: “The teams’ greatest skill is their ability to influence the customers to give Britvic’s brand incremental space v any other competitors. First class execution of displays and brand campaigns . This is done through Passion and belief in the brands and relationships built locally with customers”.

Shane: “Brand Awareness, Product Knowledge, Work Ethic, Energy, Relationship building, competitive mentality are all required skill sets to for a High Performing Merchandising team”.


3.- From the Britvic campaigns your team executed, which one do you consider was more demanding and why?

Paul: “The campaigns are all equally challenging to secure incremental space and feature but the biggest challenge was the Summer and the increase work load on the team. They rose to the challenge often working late evenings and early mornings to deliver what the business required. The footprint of our brands in store is a direct relation of the team’s ability to deliver time and again in an extremely competitive market ,where incremental space for brand can often dictate if a campaign is successful or not”

Shane “‘Summer Heat-wave’, Not so much a campaign but this deserves a mention because of the volume of work and patience my team had to manage during this period of the summer. Our products were flying off the shelves during the summer heat-wave, my team had to consistently work long hours, satisfy customer requirements in-store while committing to their daily call-file. It was the most demanding period of the year and they rose to the challenge every time with their ‘can do’ attitude”.


 4.-   What were the main challenges of this year that your team had to overcome?

Paul: The merchandising team requires a strong knowledge of the promotional activity and the ability to secure additional feature in customers’ accounts, on top of this there was the added requirements to manage an ever increasing workload. The more the team improved in their ability they possess selling our brands the more feature they command and the more work results as a direct result. The main challenge this can bring is longer working days but the team rolled in behind one another supporting each other where required and is a real testament to the work ethic and teamwork they possess".

Shane: “Each promotional cycle poses a challenge for executing each promotion and to gain as much incremental space as possible. Along with this we are in battle with our competitors every time to make sure we achieve this.... which we have, hence the award!!".


5.- What did winning this award mean to you?

Paul: “This is a prestigious award in the industry and is a great recognition for the team that they can all be very proud of. For Me it was really rewarding to be now able to manage a team that’s hard work and can do attitude is now recognised by not only me but also the FMCG industry".

Shane: “For such a prestigious award in the FMCG industry this means a great deal, for my team and their work to be showcased and acknowledged at such an event this award is dedicated to them. I am very proud personally but collectively delighted for everybody that was involved".

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