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What it's like to be an intern in CPM?

What it's like to be an intern in CPM?

Posted by Maria Diaz on Sep 12, 2014 9:00:29 AM

"Whether you are looking to either jump start or further develop your career, CPM has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your maximum potential in a rewarding role" according to Aloise Hetier, who came over from France to work as a Marketing Intern in CPM Ireland during the summer. In this post she shares her personal experience in CPM Ireland:


I've been working at CPM Ireland as a Marketing Intern for only 2 months but those couple of months provided me with a huge learning opportunity and a really rewarding personal experience.

As part of my College course I was required to complete an internship. I wanted to go abroad to this for two reasons - to further improve my English but also get some experience in Marketing.

This time in Ireland became a real human and professional experience. When I first arrived I wasn't really aware of how I could be useful to Ireland’s leading field sales company. Then I realised that even without professional experience I could help. I enjoy using social networks, i understand the mechanics etc but what i didn't know was how to apply this knowledge to a business environment.

The main part of my job was to promote CPM through the different social networks we used. One particular task was to manage content on their new blog and come up with relevant blog articles to grow the size of the audience on the blog and build the awareness of CPM.

Writing articles for the blog was something I found really rewarding. I had to think of ideas for topics, research them and then put some content together. It permitted me to get a greater understanding of the field marketing industry and to learn more about the use of social networks from a corporate perspective.

Pasantes2Beyond the professional knowledge I acquired, CPM Ireland gave me the opportunity to work in a team, meet new people and most importantly improve my English.

Doing an internship is not only really rewarding for the intern but also is really helpful for the company. By taking in interns companies get a more rounded view about how to attract young people and see the world through their eyes, ensuring a business is always keeping up to date with new trends.

I left CPM with a  really good understanding of the B2B marketing world and it has helped me to make further decisions in my career path.

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