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Top blog posts of 2015

Top blog posts of 2015

Posted by Maria Diaz on Jan 4, 2016 6:24:17 PM

CPM would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year!

In 2016 we will continue to deliver great blog post to help you exceed your sales! So in case you missed some of the best post we published during last year, we wanted to share the list of our most popular post during 2015.

Let us know which one was your favourite and if you will like us to discuss any topic you might have.


1.- Congratulations Neil on your new position as Client Service Manager

1Neil represents a great example of career progression within CPM. So for all the salespeople who are looking to succeed in their career, why not check out this exclusive interview we did to Neil, where he talks about his career path.


2.- An interview with Kevin Thomas, 2015 Overall Irish Sales Champion

In this interview Kevin Thomas share with us what winning 2 Irish Sales Champion Awards means to him and how he managed to achieve it.


3.- 10 movies for salespeople

3If you are in a movie mood but don't know what to watch, check out this great list with the best 10 movies for salespeople. Enjoy!



4.- How to deliver a great sales pitch?

In this blog post CPM has gathered a few tips to help you to deliver a great sales pitch.


5.- 5 best practices of Top Performing Salespeople

5Are top salespeople made or born? There is a lot of debate around this question but everybody acknowledge that top salespeople have similar tactics, strategies and personality traits, that help them to achieve their sales targets and to emerge as top sellers. In this blog post, CPM has gathered the 5 best practices that highly effective salespeople have.


 6.- CPM drives SME Sales for eir - CPM

Check out our latest Case Study, where you will find more details on how CPM drives sales for eircom


7.- CPM Expert Speak: How to transform FMCG field sales team productivity - CPM

6Don't miss our latest CPM Expert Speak! On this opportunity, Alan Peyton, ex Managing Director of CPM Ireland, explores the challenges of matching resources to tasks in a field sales team model.


8.- Boost your sales with Referral selling

There are various sales strategies to get new customers, but none of them is as effective and productive as referral selling. This technique helps to acquire new clients based on an important asset: current and past customers. Keep reading more about this selling technique.


9.- 5 Key Tenets CPM & Britvic feel are necessary to execute a successful campaign in 2015

9Every year CPM works closely with Britvic to plan in-store execution for the annual Britvic campaign calendar. Taking the hugely successful Kodaline campaign launched in March 2014 as an example, there are 5 key tenets CPM & Britvic feel are necessary to execute a successful campaign in–store in 2015


10.- 10 books for Salespeople

At CPM we have gathered a list of 10 Books for Salespeople, based on the suggestions and Have a look and find out which titles got into our list


11.- CPM & GSK: Sales and Merchandising Services

11CPM has been working hand in hand with GSK, providing Sales and Merchandising Services. Click on the link below to have more details.



12.- 5 tips for managing a High Performance Sales Team

Leading a team of salespeople requires a different approach from the one used with other groups. Sales people work in a stressful environment where rejection and frustration are part of their daily routine. That’s why getting the most out of them is not an easy task and requires an effective team’s organisation as well as motivation. At CPM we have gathered 5 tips to help you to successfully manage a high performance sales team.


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