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Introducing CPM’s Global Showreel - Driving Sales since 1936

Introducing CPM’s Global Showreel - Driving Sales since 1936

Posted by Maria Diaz on Jul 7, 2015 3:35:33 PM

Joost van de Ven, Group Chief Development Officer at CPM, introduces our new Global Showreel and shares insight on how we have been driving SALES and incremental growth for our global client brands for 80 years

When people ask me what does CPM do as a business, I always tell them that CPM is a Sales Development Company. Or as one of my straight talking colleagues says, we sell “stuff”. But in a more formal way our mission is: To grow our clients’ business by using INSIGHT to create INFLUENCE and drive SALES. So everything we do ultimately results in SALES! To give a better understanding about CPM’s services we open up our new show reel, demonstrating our services around the world.

We have been driving incremental sales for our clients for nearly 80 years. Back in those days it was all about availability and the motto back then was: it can’t be bought if it isn’t there! This is still applicable today, but we have to ask ourselves: where is there? CPM is not only active in retail (field marketing) but is also an international player in contact centres and digital solutions.

CPM is an award-winning international agency. We have a proven track record of increasing sales and brand awareness for our clients. We are proud of the fantastic work our 37,000 employees across the globe carry out on a daily basis for our clients; engaging with their customers to influence and drive awareness to ultimately, drive sales and business growth.

To give you an idea of the size and range of activities we undertake for our clients in 2015:

  • We will deliver more than $3b incremental sales for our clients
  • We will make over 20m face-to-face sales calls in retail across the globe
  • We will undertake over 150k audits across 40 international markets for our clients
  • Our international multi-channel contact centres will handle more than 20m inbound and outbound sales and customer care calls this year in 32 languages across 92 international markets
  • We will carry out over 1.8m sampling / demonstration days

Via our new show reel, CPM are delighted to bring to life our global service offering and expertise, and how we drive sales and incremental growth for our clients.

Contact us today (call us on +353 1 7080300 or e-mail us to find out how we can help to drive your sales.



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