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How to build customer loyalty?

How to build customer loyalty?

Posted by Maria Diaz on Sep 7, 2015 5:50:44 PM

For any business, to gain new customers is as important as retaining existing ones. Organizations must dedicate a significant part of their resources to mantain existing clients and create loyal customers that will guarantee stable business operations. This task seems to be a top priority in the “to do list” of retailers.

Happy and loyal customers return to the same store, get adventurous with their favourite brands and try new products recently launched, referrer products and/or services to their friends and families, stick to their favourite brands and will be immune to both competition and economic changes.

But customer loyalty is hard to cultivate: companies need to invest energy and time in order to develop a long lasting relation with its clients. Check out these tips that will help you to build a loyal relation with your customers:


Communicate with your customers

hypernet_communicate_imageCreate a database of your existing clients with their basic information (phone, e-mail and address) and setup a system that allows you to communicate with them. It could be a newsletter, a flyer or a greeting card for a special occasion. Ask your clients to follow your Social Media accounts and share with them relevant content according to the platform.


Offer Excellent Customer Service

Customer-service-softwareIn order to provide an excellent customer service, you must offer a unique customer experience and be open to listen and follow up clients concerns and complaints. Seek for new ways to make better your process and always keep in mind what your customers want.

Make sure that your staff members know everything about your products/services and don’t forget to invest in providing a specialized training on customer service to those employees that face directly with your clients.


Provide Customer Incentives

iStock_000021520324XSmallGive to your customers another reason to return to your business! Besides offering a great customer service, plan to give to your clients a small treat that will keep them coming back to you: could be a special promotion, shopper points, adding a free service to the sale, gift cards or free delivery, among others.

Incentives program help you to boost sales during slow seasons and with product launch. Just remember to offer incentives according to your audience.


Introduce a loyalty program

1301124_loyalty-cardsIf you don’t have a loyalty program yet, is time for you to think about launching one. Show to your customers how much you value their fidelity. These programs help you to engage with your customers, build strong relationships and drive repeat business.


To build customer loyalty is not an easy task but there are many ways that you can achieve it. Always keep in my mind your clients and their needs in order to address the right strategies that will allow you to keep your clients coming back for more!



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