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How to win in Retail - Christmas 2017

How to win in Retail - Christmas 2017

Posted by Gillian Farrell on Oct 23, 2017 4:32:45 PM


Despite the shift in spending patterns in recent years, Christmas is still the golden sales period for retailers and brands alike, with December being the single most important trading month for the sector. According to the Central Statistics Office, the volume of retail sales increased by 5.9% in 2016 compared to 2015 and by 3.8% in value terms.


However, the total results of sales during Christmas 2016 left retailers disappointed as Thomas Burke, Retail Ireland director, said “There were disappointing results across the board over the Christmas trading period 2016, with some retail categories coming under particular pressure.” Among them are department stores, computer and electronic retailers and book shops, which sales fell significantly during the Christmas period.


Even though it was predicted a €26 increase on the average spend for Christmas 2015, some factors played a role in the spending shift such as more customers shopping online with UK retailers, the numbers of shoppers purchasing goods in NI, as well as a shift in pre-Christmas consumer spending patterns.


According to Retail Ireland, consumers are making an increasing proportion of their Christmas purchases earlier in the festive shopping season. In 2016, retailers knew how to drive sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday periods, as they succeeded in managing peak demand by extending the sales period and guaranteeing prices.


Also e-commerce played an important role as e-commerce climbed by 21.8%. This growth continues to be driven by consumers shopping more on their mobile devices with sales through smartphones up by an estimated 50%.


In order to win during Christmas 2017,  it is very important that brands and retailers think outside the box and look to engage with customers in a more meaningful way. A great way to achieve this is by running an in-store activation campaign, which will give brands and retailers the ability to communicate with all 5 senses of their customers simultaneously when they are most ready and able to make a purchase.


At CPM we provide our clients with a wide range of in-store active selling tools and an experienced team that educate through lively, enthusiastic demonstrations, removing barriers to purchase and increasing sales, brand loyalty and a great customer experience.


If you are looking for product demonstrations, product sampling, in-store events or at-shelf high-advice sales experts for your Christmas activation campaign, CPM provide fully trained staff who can act as ambassadors for your brand.


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