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How to use your current network to get job referrals

How to use your current network to get job referrals

Posted by Aoife de Barra on Feb 27, 2018 4:25:30 PM

Are you looking for your perfect job in today’s competitive market? There’s one proven way you can increase your chances of getting hired; through an employee referral.


According to Jobvite, 55% of employee referrals get hired faster than candidates from company career sites. They are also more likely to perform better and last longer in the job. This is why most companies, both large and small, are continuing to invest in lucrative referral programs to attract the best talent that they can – benefiting both them and you!


Here are three tips to getting hired through an employee referral:


  1. Check your LinkedIn connections.

Find-out-total-number-of-LinkedIn-connections.pngLinkedIn serves as a gold mine of opportunities as you search for professionals who can refer you for the job. Firstly, check the company’s LinkedIn page to see if you have any first or second-degree connections. If you have a first-degree connection, reach out to them directly explaining why you’re interested in working for the organisation and asking if they can refer you. If it’s a second-degree connection, see if your mutual connection can introduce you.


  1. Target employers

If there’s a specific company you want to work for, begin networking with employees who work for that organisation. It’s important to do some networking first, finding a connection to the company in your immediate network – this could be through friends or family, a previous co-worker or someone you went to college with. If you can’t find a direct connection with someone in the organisation, connect with an employee on LinkedIn and see if they would be happy to take a call or meet for a coffee.


  1. Join professional organizations

banner.jpgAnother great way to find someone to refer you is to get involved with industry and professional organisations or relevant events/business meet-ups. This will give you access to a whole network of industry professionals who can connect you to job opportunities.


At CPM we have a successful referral program in place where we incentivise our employees for every successful referral received. Follow us on Linkedin and you may find one of your friends/family/ex co-workers now working for CPM and could refer you.


If not you can review our current opportunities here or send us your CV at

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