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New Year's Resolutions at CPM!

New Year's Resolutions at CPM!

Posted by Gillian Farrell on Jan 3, 2017 1:50:31 PM

CPM Office New Year’s resolutions for 2017!

As we all get back to the grindstone in the office we started to think about what we can do to make the CPM Office a "Great Place to Work" and there’s nothing better than reflecting on what is currently working well and continuing it,  as well as looking at what can be improved for 2017.

So why not get together with your colleagues and make some New Year's resolutions for the team to make the working environment even better for 2017.

Here are some suggestions to get you started, outlining what CPM staff like that we already put in place in 2016 and should keep, as well as dislikes that we will try to avoid in 2017!

Likes from 2016 that we will keep! Things to improve in 2017
Lunch with everyone in the office once a month – Great way to encourage team members to down tools and take a lunch break together Efficient booking of meeting rooms – all meeting rooms must be booked in advance of meetings for 2017
Having more face to face or phone conversations, less emails - keep talking!  Punctual - Arriving 2 mins before meetings start to prepare and be ready in 2017
A new challenge to replace the bake off challenge of 2016! Leaving common areas and meeting rooms tidy in 2017
Supporting other departments under pressure Paperless desk for 2017
Culture club - keep it going - book club, sharing likes and dislikes, organising, Friday brain teasers,  social events!  Buddy system for new hires

Our people are our business and so CPM believes that a great working environment is a staple requirement to the success of our business.

We hope that this blog post inspires your business and helps you make changes for the better in 2017!

Feel free to comment and let us know any other suggestions you might have to create a harmonious and engaging working environment! We’d love to hear further ideas!

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