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Euro 2016 in numbers

Euro 2016 in numbers

Posted by Maria Diaz on Jul 8, 2016 1:40:37 PM

The 15th UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) has brought us a month full of entertainment and excitement, with the cream of the European football battling to bring home the coveted trophy.

We’ve all seen the great buzz that has been built up around the Euro 2016. Both retailers and some industry sectors have been enjoying the great atmosphere created, which has been expected to trigger more sales as consumers are thought to have spent an extra €125 over the Championships.

This football season has been predicted to boost sales in some categories such as alcohol drinks, BBQ, decoration, clothing, snacks, soft drinks and frozen pizza.

With the final being around the corner, CPM has gathered some interesting figures about the Euro 2016. We wish all the best to Portugal and France in the final this Sunday and may the best team win!

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