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CPM provides audits and service visits for CHEP

CPM provides audits and service visits for CHEP

Posted by Maria Diaz on Oct 20, 2017 4:43:59 PM

CHEP is one of main producers of pallets in the world. These are used to transport various goods between locations. CHEP produces more than 20 types of pallets – including wooden, plastic, reusable and bulk containers.

CPM has been working with CHEP for more than 5 years providing tactical work and audits. In this case study we discuss about our latest project with CHEP, where CPM was set the task to maximise effectiveness of The Supply Chain cycle, manage the stocks sent to distributors and emitters and minimise any losses in the number of pallets.


Click here to read more about the high quality audits and service visits that CPM provides for CHEP.

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