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Interview with Patrice Stapleton

Interview with Patrice Stapleton

Posted by Maria Diaz on Mar 8, 2017 4:53:13 PM

Given it's International Women's Day we bring you a short interview with Patrice Stapleton, Regional Sales Manager for CPM’s Residential team for eir for the past 2 years. Patrice is a great example of career progression and excellence. Last year she was recognised at the Irish Champion Sales Awards as the Champion Field Sales Manager for 2016.

If you are looking to get some career motivation from a strong sales women, have a look at the following interview:

1.       What roles have you done to get to this position?

Field Sales Respresentative, Team Leader and Assistant Manager

2.       What characteristics do you feel are needed to be a successful Regional Sales Manager?

Organisation, Driven and self-motivated.

3.       How does it feel to work in a sector that has been traditionally male dominated?

I am extremely proud of my achievements to date and feel that working in a male dominated sector drives me to succeed.  I am very competitive and do not like being runner up.

4.       What advice would you give to women starting out their sales career?

Have a positive mind frame and believe in yourself. The key to be a successful sales woman is to know your product as well as your competitors.

5.       Can you tell me about a female role model who has inspired you throughout your career?

I have always being inspired by Katie Taylor. Being a fellow sportswoman, Katie is driven, sets a goal and then works hard to achieve this.

6.       What does #BeBoldForChange mean to you?

No matter your gender you can be successful. Face your fears, speak up and have your say.  We are all equal in the working environment.


If you would like to follow Patrice's steps and become a sales women, contact our Recruitment department on 01 7080309 or email

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